Top 10 Reasons To Buy Local

Bealeton-area residents are fortunate that shopping opportunities include a supermarket with extensive inventories and well-known brands, as well as vibrant independent businesses that carry more specialized merchandise and respond to local needs and interests. We believe that both types of businesses should thrive and contribute to a healthy economy. However, when we shop at locally-owned businesses, we help to level the competitive playing field and maintain the diversity of goods and services available to us.

  • Local, one-of-a-kind business are an integral part of Bealeton's character.
  • Significantly more money recirculates in Bealeton when we purchase from locally- owned businesses.
  • Local business owners invest in our town.
  • Local businesses encourage others to invest here.
  • Most new jobs are provided by locally owned businesses
  • Customer service is more personal.
  • Bealeton not-for-profits and community groups receive greater philanthropic and in-kind support from locally-owned businesses.
  • Local has a lighter impact on the environment.
  • Public benefits exceed public costs.
  • Competition and diversity lead to more choices.

Other Virgina towns have demonstrated that a mere 10% shift in purchasing toward locally-owned business has a dramatic impact on the local economy. Let's all do what we can to Keep Bealeton Strong.